The American Mandarin Society (www.mandarinsociety.us) is seeking two paid interns. One will focus on policy-related aspects of the organization and the other on language learning and language maintenance. Both will assist with events and play important roles in organizational planning and development. 

Advanced Chinese language skills are important, as is enthusiasm for the mission and vision of the American Mandarin Society. Facility with social media is critical. Applicants interested in the policy position should feel comfortable reading Chinese-language policy documents and websites. Applicants for the language position should have a passion for Chinese language learning and language skill development.

Please email your cover letter (in the body of the email) with resume attached to admin@mandarinsociety.us Please use the appropriate subject heading, either “AMS policy intern” or “AMS language intern.” The internship will be based at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C. beginning March 1. Length will be 3-6 months, negotiable with the applicants. Hours will be approximately 30 hours per week, timing flexible.

Visit The American Mandarin Society at: http://www.mandarinsociety.us/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


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Jefferson Fellowships: 21-day program for Asia Pacific and American journalists; five days in Honolulu followed by a study tour to destinations in the continental United States and/or Asia Pacific based on the program theme. The theme for the Spring 2013 program, June 9-30, is “New Leadership in Asia Pacific: Solving Old Problems, Managing New Realities” with travel to Honolulu, Tokyo, Beijing and Yangon. Application deadline: February 28, 2013.

Please click on the links below for program information. Click here to receive application announcements for all East-West Center media programs.

An interesting article was recently published on Southern Weekend, a prestigious Chinese news website. The diagram above (featured in the article) provides a clearer introduction to the basic structure of China’s financial system.

China’s financial system consists of six major entities: The People’s Bank of China, governments, commercial banks, financial institutions, enterprises, and individuals. The People’s Bank of China is a national bank, invested by the government. Though the People’s Bank of China and the major Chinese commercial banks are all owned by the government, only the People’s Bank of China has the right to issue and repatriate currency in China.

Source: infzm.com Retrieved from: http://www.infzm.com/content/74810

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