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CIPE, the Center for International Private Enterprise has just announced the winners for its Fourth Annual International Youth Essay Competition. TFAS is proud to congratulate winner Sarita Sapkota (AIPE 2011) from Nepal! Ms. Sapkota’s essay was awarded first place in the category of Economically – Sustainable Development.

All winning essays will be published by CIPE and profiles of the winners will appear on CIPE’s Development Blog (www.cipe.org/blog) over the coming months.

Congratulations, Sarita!

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Class of 2004

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Marin Jacques speaks at a TED Salon in London. Jacques is a British former magazine editor and economist with a PhD degree from King’s College, Cambridge. Interested in Asian studies, he has been a visiting professor at the Aichi University in Japan and the Renmin University in Beijing. Currently, Jacques is a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics Asia Research Centre.

Here Jacques shares his insights on the misconceptions that people with Western values might have in understanding China. A brief summary is provided below.

Recognizing the rapid growth of Asian economies, Jacques suggests that it is impossible for the West to understand China through Western ideological presuppositions and highlights three major areas where differences exist:

  1. China is not a nation state, but a civilization state. It is the thousands of years of civilization that unites Chinese people together and gives them the sense of being Chinese.
  2. Different conception of race: Over 90% of Chinese people think they belong to the same race: Han. This is very different from the Western multi-racial culture.
  3. The nature of the relationship between state and society: The Western world believes that the authority and legitimacy of the state is a function of democracy, while the Chinese state has a long history of authority and is often viewed by the people as a sort of ‘patriarch of the family’.


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Asia Institute for Political Economy

Inaugural Class


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